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Born and raised in Chile!

Moved to Australia in September 2007 and ended loving the people and the country so much I decided to stay and become one happy citizen of Australia and yes, I still have an accent and a great sense of humour :)!!. Definitely a bit of a coffee snob (you have to when you work in IT) foodie and most important cat lady proud. Love going to the gym and giving a smile to whoever I have the pleasure to meet. My motto is "Let's make the world a better place, be kind when u can, it's free!"


Profesional lifeDesign skills

Let's talk business

In the profesional side I have been very blessed through my career. Having the opportunity to work with Australian leading companies in a variety of industries, from goverment to mum and dad companies. I proud myself to treat all with the same importance and make my best to deliver a a product of the most highes standards.

Thanks to my latin background I declare myself a team player, Not only we need to get along as people but also we need to understand each other on the best way possible in order to work together in the best way possible a team that communicate it's a team that grows

I am very lucky to do what i love and love what i do. Very passionate about delivering the best experience for everyone, In the real world as much as in the Internet world.


Wireframes (from Paper to high-res)
User Reseach, Testing, Interview, Journey

portfolioSome of my work

Please feel free to have a look to some of the projects I have been involved, doesn't matter how big or how small I'm proud of them all!. And if you have any questions, please ask!

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Feel free to send me an email or if you prefer we can have a chat over the phone!
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